So you’ve probably seen from my recent Instagram posts Ive been down in sunny London for a show at London Fashion Week. What an experience this was, and god do I need my bed after all the partying! It was a great opportunity to catchup with friends, meet new ones and my good friend Christopher Kane the iconic and incredibly brilliant British woman’s wear designer was showing At LFW. Christophers Show is one of the top shows to see at LFW so tickets are like gold dust. Set within the beautiful Tate Britain Christopher shared with us his new vision of woman’s fashion for AW17. It had a outer space inspired vibe with space graphics on flowing dresses which was beautifully echoed in his new ad campaign where he’s became the first designer to send a luxury sneaker and handbag into space, and all of this has been recorded for us to see, genius!!


As Im still in my early days of blogging and Ive not had the opportunity to see many shows, but when Im asked I jump. Ive had the pleasure of seeing a few of Christopher’s shows at LFW and they are turely something to cherish forever. All very unique and very different, constantly changing and evolving, however you can definitely see the DNA of the brand shine through in key features and  details like the safety buckle and the vibrant neon colour palate he likes to experiment with. There were many familiar faces across his front row, from models to actors, and even Katy Perry made a special appearance in one of the new pieces while sporting a new blonde hairdo! From a mans perspective my favourite piece from the show were the neon neoprene hightop sneakers, however I’m not 100% sure these are being released in this specific colour for men in the new Space Collection. They do have the most amazing and most comfortable neoprene mens hightop sneakers in blacks or navy. I have the mens black hightops with an amazing flash of neon yellow at the heel, I’d highly highly recommend investing in these!

Later that evening we danced the night away with pizza and cocktails at the hip Dalston hangout ‘Voodoo Rays’. Now I guarantee you haven’t tried pizza until you’ve tried a Voodoo Rays pizza! Serisouly these pizzas are like flying saucers from out of space…22″!!!! (maybe Christopher was going for this with the outer space theme lol). I definitely consumed my body weight in pizza that night, so much fun with friends and family.

I really love London for shooting as you get the best blogging photos. The light here is superb in contrast to the grey dull light we see in Glasgow. I have many favourite spots in London especially the idilic settings around South Kensington which is a favourite for the budding blogger. The white washed buildings give you the perfect backdrop for that classic street look. I was keen to get a few shoots in whilst away. As you know I’m a massive fan of the brand Danile Wellington, and was more than happy to be asked once again to collaborated with them. I’ll be doing a separate blog on this very soon. I was sporting the new ‘Dapper Collection’ gents watch from DW and this went perfectly with my all back look which I wore to the show. This is a timeless piece that can be worn with seriously anything. I can’t fault this or recommend it highly enough I just love it.


 Thanks for reading guys