SmartBuy Glasses UK

I was recently approached by the international eyewear brand SmartBuyGlasses to collaborate with them to promote the sale section on there site. To do so they were keen I chose a pair of sunglasses that matched my personality and style, and boy oh boy was this a challenge! The guys at SmartBuyGlasses have got it absolutely spot on. They currently stock in over 30 countries, In 15 languages and stock a massive 180 brands. The ever growing business has been developed and grown by a workforce of very passionate, driven and creative individuals who clearly have the customer at the centre of the process. More importantly SmartBuyGlasses has been nurtured by 3 very talented founders. Over the past 10 years these 3 founders, all from very different back grounds of business have created a service like no other. Individually they were frustrated by the lack of eyewear selection available to the customer in the the highstreet stores, so created a fun interactive style hub that offers individuals just about any style, colour, shape or fit you can think of, also massively cheaper than any other site or store.

What I absolutely loved about SmartBuyGlasses is there current ‘Buy One, Give One Moment’ initiative. This is where you get the opportunity to not only get your hands on designer shades or glasses at a fraction of the price, but you also get the opportunity to so something so unique and special, giving someone the gift of vision! The guys at SmartBuyGlasses will kindly donate a pair of glasses for ever pair of glasses purchased on the site! Since this has started its helped over 80,000 people world wide, and this number is growing. I really loved this special touch, check out the site to watch the promo video 

So I decided on these amazing TomFord Jacob 52b sunglasses. I have loved all things TomFord for a long time, but if I’m being completely honest have never had the cash to invest in a pair. However I was blown away but the massive savings from the guys at SmartBuy and this will certainly help if your possibly undecided regarding ‘will I won’t I’ invest in a new pair of designer specs. The Tom Ford FT0447 JACOB 52B Sunglasses come in a wide range of styles, frame shapes and colours which leave any Men reflecting the essence of today’s style. From a rimless minimalistic look, to bold frames they offer a look that suits all facial shapes and personal styles. Tom Ford FT0447 JACOB are carefully crafted from Plastic and the Plastic sunglasses lenses in Brown Gradient/Category: 3 enable optimal protection all day long. Purchase Tom Ford online today and receive free worldwide shipping and 2 year warranty.

10/10 for these guys at SmartBuyGlasses, I will definitely be back! I have my eyes on an amazing pair of Saint Laurents, and they are on sale!!!!! Check them out and let me know what you think.


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