About Me


So where do I start…..well firstly I’m Mario. I’m a Bulgarian guy living in Glasgow Scotland. After moving to the UK I lived in London for around 7 years but then moved to Glasgow 7 years ago. A few years ago I had this crazy idea of starting my own Fashion, Lifestyle & Fitness Blog, but didn’t have the knowledge where to begin. After seeing others around me successfully doing this, and curiously watching others on social media gain the attention and respect of thousands, I decided what the hell. I define myself as a driven entrepreneur with a passion for life. I have an interest in fashion and all things creative. I initially started this as a way to showcase some of my favourite looks & inspirations on Instagram, but in time have decided to showcase my own personal looks, hence the B.M.L ‘Best Mens Look By Mario’ blog was born. My aim is to grow and nurture a platform to share my thoughts & options, looks and inspirations, and to hopefully hear your views and opinions in return. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy,

Peace…Mario x